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A one group machine that transcends time, offering the classic lever group combined with all essential features of modern-day developments.

The Kees van der Westen Spiritello offers a dual boiler system with both boilers in stainless steel 316L, which is more resistant against aggressive water than stainless steel 304 and has a long life expectancy in an espresso machine. Each can be switched on or off separately. Filter holders are in stainless too. Both boilers can be easily drained through a ball valve. The coffee boiler's drain is connected to the drain tray and a fitting with hose is supplied to drain the steam boiler.

It has a large steam boiler with total volume of 3.5 litres, together with two 900 Watt heating elements controlled by a PID system, ensuring powerful and long lasting steam. Hot water is mixed with some cold to deliver a non-spattering flow from the spout, at the touch of a button. The final temperature can be easily adjusted with a screw driver, reaching a jet through a hole in the body work. The hot water quantity can be adjusted through the display. The steam valve has a turning knob, but can be ordered with a small toggle type lever as well. The wand is in double walled stainless, finished by a PEEK tip, ensuring no milk will burn on to it.

The coffee boiler, complete with the group, is one large piece, holding 0.8 litres with a 450 Watt heating element, controlled by a PID system. This saturated set-up ensures a highly precise temperature. Cold water first runs through a heat-exchanger with hot-cold cross-flow system, to be pre-heated to near coffee boiler temperature, before entering the coffee boiler. All welding is done inside and outside, no crevices to start corrosion.

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Slim Jim


Next to the high build quality and strong performance in extraction and steam, the main point of difference of the Kees van der Westen espresso machine, since 1984, has been their design and they intend to exploit this experience to the full extent. The Slim Jim will be offered in a wide array of appearances. Everyone can now have their own bespoke machine, be it the aspiring espresso bar owner or a chain of shops. Many different visually defining parts can be chosen; legs, front panels, side panels, cup rails, colours, awnings, colour of knobs / handles, groups, and so on. Furthermore, all parts are interchangeable allowing the Slim Jim to be evolved or adapted over time.

Here is a list of Slim Jim features and options...
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A state of the art multiple boiler machine developed with the demands of very high output espresso bars in mind and equipped with well-considered ergonomics - an efficient high precision tool with enormous capacity. It is equipped as standard with 2 external pumps - one to extract coffee, one to re-fill the steam boiler and to add some cold water to the hot water spout. This to ensure the steam boiler will be re-filled without affecting the coffee extraction, even during very busy times when for hours on-end one or more groups are activated and also to ensure the hot water supply is always at the correct same temperature, the re-fill of the steam boiler is deactivated during hot water supply.

Developed with the demands of very high output espresso bars in mind: equipped with well-considered ergonomics: an efficient high precision tool with enormous capacity.

The Spirit was built with a single goal in mind: A machine that delivers extreme precision no matter what you throw at it. Combining the hyper-precise qualities of the Speedster with an extreme power does exactly that and more.

Here is a list of Spirit features and options...
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The Mirage was born from the desire to create a machine that combines all the knowledge about the E61 system to realise a highly precise machine.

The update of the well-proven “E61” type thermo-syphon system with a high temperature stability and beautiful pre-infusion.

The Mirage's heating system is based on the so-called thermo-syphon system. It consists of one large copper boiler (13ltr for the Duette, 19ltr for the Triplette) and equipped with a heat-exchanger for each group, running vertically slanted across the boiler. 55 Years after its creation the E61 thermo-syphon system can still very much be considered a technically highly elegant system. The thermal efficiency especially impresses and easily surpasses the popular multi-boiler systems - the multi boiler system can technically be regarded as rather run of the mill !

Here is a list of Mirage features and options...
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The ultimate single group espresso machine providing extreme precision & maximum control in a rigid package. The Speedster is equipped with two separately functioning boilers... one large steam boiler to produce hot water and steam and one with a group to heat water to brew coffee. Each boiler has its own electronic temperature controller system, heating element and safety devices, offering extremely precise temperature stability. High capacity is ensured by the large steam boiler, over-rated heating elements in both boilers and a heat-exchanger inside the steam boiler, pre-heating the brew water for the large dedicated coffee boiler.

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It is the only machine you should consider if you would only consider serving the very best coffee made from the very best coffee beans.

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